Monday, April 16, 2007

Identify YOUR Colour & Use Colour To Improve YOUR Life-Style

Clothes allow you to express yourself through your choice of colour. Knowing yourself better through the Numerology Reading and the understand your overall colour state acts as a powerful and positive expression of who your are. 

Colour and energy will eventually affect us and we need to consider carefully what we wear in order to be able to live in balance and harmony.Wearing wrong colour can make a person look older and also give people tired, drained and depleted look and a messy appearance. Correct colour will enhance and bring out your own natural colouring, blending and harmonising not only with your skin tone, but also with your eyes and hair. The skin will look smoother, clearer, fresher and more alive. The eyes will sparkle, look bigger and seem brighter.

Psychological Effects of Colour in Clothes Red - This colour makes you feel more energetic, outgoing and ready tomove forward in some overt way. It tends to catch people's eye andattract attention. If you wear RED you may wish to be seen as having fire and passion, ferocity and strength. Those who like action and drama like to wear RED. Wearing RED can also denote a strong sexuality.

An energetic and stimulating colour, it doesn't have quite the same push as red. If you are fond of wearing ORANGE you may have courageous and adventurous streak, showing enthusiasm and zeal in whatever you do, even if it draws on your energy. People who wear ORANGE are assertive and like to smile amd make others smile. Wearing ORANGE also encourages conversation and a sense of humour.

This colour is often worn by intellectuals, the studious and those who like to be in positions of authority and control. It encourages open-mindedness and attention to detail. Wearing YELLOW brings in the light. It is the coloue mostly associated with the sun and tends to generate positive and optimistic qualities in those who wear it.

This colour helps people to create calm, soothing and balancing atmospheres around them. It stands for harmony and equilibrium. GREEN in cloths tends to reflect the conventional types, those who like to stick to the straight and narrow and who perfer not to stand out in a crowd. Those who like GREEN usually appreciate nature and the security it brings.

This colour encourages people to show an interest in you. It stimulates a quiet refreshing personality who is easily approachable. It helps you to be clear in your thoughts and your feelings, generating clarity in your communication. If you like to wear TURQUOISE you may wish to be seen as having youthfulness and sparkle.

Wearing BLUE suggests spiritually and order. Those who wear it reflect a wish for peace and quiet, tranquillity and even solitude. It is a non-threatening colour and the individual who wears it probably values loyalty and honesty.

Wearing VIOLET generates feeling of self-respect, dignity andself-worth. It is a colour worn by Catholic priests to reflectsanctity and humility. Because of its richness, it is also associated with the monarch, extravagance and wealth. Many artists favour this colour in cloths, perhaps because of its creative or spiritual qualities.

Wearing this colour generates feelings of softness,gentleness and kindness. It creates affection and feelings of love andcompassion. Because ofthe red contribution to creating this colour it also generates a powerful sexual message, which can be subtlymanipulative. If you like wearing MAGENTA it could because you wish to express your sensuality.

This colour is often associated with earth and with stability.This colour concerned with groundedness and building firm foundations for the future. It also relates to authority, inner confidence and self-assuredness. A person who likes to wear BROWN is likely to be highly dedicated and committed to their work, family and freinds. Onthe positive side, they are practical and materialistic in life, but on the negative they can be deeply insecure and unstable. BROWN generates being organised and steadfast, especially in day-to-day responsibilities. Those who like the BROWN are able to get the root of things and deal with complicated matters simply and directly. They are no nonsense people.